PERSONAL - my first film shoot

I've had a craving to shoot film for quite some time. There's something about the consideration, intentionality, and care required. When I shoot digital photographs, I find myself shooting without calculation and with less thought, because I can take thousands of photos with no consequences. In some ways, that's a luxury, but I've found myself taking advantage of that luxury and shooting with less purpose and design. 

On one roll of film, you have 36 exposures. And I feel responsible for making every one of those 36 shots count. I slow down. There are imperfections. There is character and depth in every photograph—like human beings. 

This is the second roll of film I've ever shot, and it turned out better than I could have imagined. My vision for this shoot was inspired by the band Rhye. Their music creates a dream world for me and I wanted to try and capture it. Take a listen to their music as you scroll through these images. 

Ellie Patterson